Street Scholars Represent!

14 Oct

This past week the Street Scholars team shared their wisdom students in Merritt College’s College and Life Success class taught by Dr. Steve Pantell.  The purpose of the class is to help students prepare for higher education and life after graduation.  During our presentation, Hakeem Holmes, Elizabeth Marlow, Ron Moss, and Jonathan Roach shared their academic and life journeys with the students. They talked about how they came to higher education and to the Street Scholars program. Hakeem’s and Jonathan’s stories were poignant.  Hakeem talked about being an honorably discharged Marine and overcoming incarceration.  His decision to enroll in college and become a successful student were part of his plan to change his life.  He is now on track to transfer to a four-year university. Jonathan described how he was exposed to Merritt College while was incarcerated.  The professors who met him saw something special in him and encouraged Jonathan to enroll in school when he was released from prison.  He enrolled in Merritt on his release and now he is an inspiration to others, particularly young men in his community.   The students in the class were blown away by what they heard and had many questions during the talk. Street Scholars is fortunate to have two incredible individuals like Hakeem and Jonathan as part of the team. We are also grateful to Dr. Pantell and his students for making us feel so welcome in their class.

Hakeem shares his story.

Hakeem shares his story.


Jonathan talks with the students about the importance of higher education.


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